Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions on Monday, 31st August: 9:30 - 11.00, Room A
The Technology Challenge: Technology Integration for an Enabling Environment
Title Author
Is Design for All Realistic? Download (PDF, 2082 KB) Gregg C. Vanderheiden
Designing for All in Ambient Intelligence Environments. View (external link) Constantine Stephanidis
Communications Based Ecosystems. Download (PDF, 1000 KB) Roberto Saracco
Plenary session on Tuesday, 1st September: 9:00 - 10.30, Room A
The Design Challenge: Making Technology both Usable and Attractive
Title Author
A Roadmap for Making the Web an Inclusive Environment. Judy Brewer
Rethinking HCI in the Age of Diversity. Download (PDF, 918 KB) Sebastiano Bagnara, Simone Pozzi
Inclusive Environments - Towards an Architecture for All. Fionnuala Rogerson
Plenary session on Wednesday, 2nd September: 11:00 - 12.30, Room A
The Societal Challenge: eInclusion
Title Author
Assistive Technology Reflections and Perspectives. Download (PDF, 914 KB) Paul Timmers
Advancing Accessibility in Europe in the Context of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Download (PDF, 110 KB) Inmaculada Placencia
Assistive Technologies in Europe - Users with Disabilities' Perspective. Download (PDF, 1759 KB) Nad├Ęge Riche