Special Session on Best Practice in Education and Training - Tuesday, September 1st, 14.00 - 15.40, Room E

Chaired by: Suzette Keith, Gill Whitney and Judy Wilson, Design for All Research Group, Middlesex University

We invite you to take part in this special special session to celebrate best practice in educating students and professionals in ICT about the principles and practices of Design for All.

The aim of this special session is to explore:

  • How best practice in knowledge about Design for All can be shared with
  • Future ICT designers and developers in order to create
  • Best practice in the design of inclusive ICT products and services

Format of the special session
  • Two papers on educational practice:
    • Universal Design in Third Level Design Teaching in Ireland. M. Callanan, A. M. Fennell, G. M. Craddock, J. E. Hubbard, H. Owens, M. R. Dyer.
    • Design For All @ eInclusion: Best Practice In Education And Training. S.Keith, G.Whitney, J. Wilson
  • Examples: MSc Digital Inclusion (www.mdx.ac.uk/digitalinclusion)
  • Discussion: How to create an action plan to promote teaching of Design for All in ICT in programmes throughout Europe‚Ķand beyond?
  • One best thing! What does the ICT design student most need to know about inclusion and engaging with users
Who should attend?
  • Researchers, academics, educators
  • Industrialists, eGovernment, eHealth
  • User representatives

You are welcome to bring and share examples of best practice in education and training of ICT designers and developers. Volunteers will be invited to record their answers to 'One best thing' on video.

This special session is supported by the EU funded Coordination Action Design for All@eInclusion and by the members of EDeAN.

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