Programme: Wednesday, September 2nd
09.00 - 10.40

Brain Computer Interfaces

BCI Applications for People with Disabilities: Defining User Needs and User Requirements C. Zickler, V. Di Donna, V. Kaiser, A. Al-Khodairy, S. Kleih, A. Kübler, M. Malavasi, D. Mattia, S. Mongardi, C. Neuper, M. Rohm, R. Rupp, P. Staiger-Sälzer, E.-J. Hoogerwerf Efficient Algorithms for a Brain Computer Interface: Performance Studies J. L. Martín, A. Ferreira, M. Mazo, L. Boquete, S. Palazuelos, J. C. Garcia Implementation of Error Detection into the Graz-Brain-Computer Interface, the Interaction Error Potential A. Kreilinger, C. Neuper, G. Pfurtscheller, G. R. Müller-Putz Controlling Domotic Appliances via a "Dynamical" P300-based Brain Computer Interface F. Aloise, D. Ferriero, A. Ruiu, G. Santucci, D. Catarci, D. Mattia, F. Babiloni, F. Cincotti
room C

Web for e-Inclusion

Web Accessibility and Older People A. Arch, S. Abou-Zahra Is Flash Really Accessible when interacting through Screen Readers? B. Leporini, F. Paternò, L. D. Spano A Design-for-All Approach Towards Multimodal Accessibility of Mathematics D. Tsonos, H. Kaccori, G. Kouroupetroglou Navigation Assistant for Blind People to Explore Chemical Formulas S. Federsel, K. Miesenberger
room B

Users and Technology

Increased User Involvement through Free Choice of Assistive Technology M. Estreen Gathering and Applying Evidence in Computer Access Services H. Koester User Perspective on Assistive Technology. A Qualitative Analysis of 55 Letters from Citizens Applying for Assistive Technology L. Jensen The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Outside of School for Boys and Girls with Motor Disabilities H. Lidström, G. Ahlsten, H. Hemmingsson Evaluating the Long Term Outcomes of an Assistive Technology Training Course to Inform Service Development J. Bergin
room D

User Needs Standards

Introduction on Users with Disabilities and Standards M. Soede Participation of Users with Disabilities in Standardisation M. Soede, N. Blijham, M. Verdonschot Educational Approach for User Training in Standardization C. Bühler USEM Trainees at Work – First Experiences J. Engelen, C. Strobbe STAND4ALL: Training of Stakeholders on Consultations on Standardisation C. Mosies
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